Activities and places of interest


Located in the northern part of the island from where you can enjoy spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and the cliffs. In addition, here you will find the restaurant El Mirador, famous for its architecture designed by the artist César Manrique


El Hierro is known for its unspoiled nature and lush landscapes. You can explore trails and paths that take you through laurel and pine forests.

El Hierro Interpretation Center

This center offers information about the geology, flora, fauna and history of the island. It is a good place to learn more about the culture and environment of El Hierro


Frontera has several beaches and natural pools where you can relax and enjoy the sea. Some of the most popular are La Maceta Beach and La Maceta Natural Pool

Our Lady of Candelaria Church

This church is an important historical and religious site on the island of El Hierro. Some notable features of the church include its traditional Canarian architecture and its location in the center of Frontera, making it a focal point in the town


El Hierro is a popular destination for diving, snorkeling and other water sports due to its clear waters and rich marine life. You can take diving lessons or simply rent equipment and explore on your own


This archaeological park houses petroglyphs and remains of ancient pre-Hispanic settlements. It is a fascinating place to learn about the history of the island and enjoy nature


Don't miss the opportunity to try the typical food of El Hierro, which includes dishes such as herreño cheese, gofio, mojo rojo and fresh fish. You can find local restaurants and bars in Frontera where you can enjoy these culinary delights


An exciting activity to do in Frontera is hiking along the paths and trails that run through the island. There are several well-marked hiking trails of varying levels of difficulty that will allow you to explore the stunning natural beauty of El Hierro.

One of the most popular routes is the Route of the Volcanoes which takes you through ancient lava fields and unique volcanic landscapes. This route offers spectacular views and the opportunity to learn about the geology of the island.

Another option would be to do the Fishermen's Route which takes you along the coast and allows you to enjoy beautiful views of the sea and cliffs. During this hike, you could stop at some of the hidden coves and beaches for a dip in the ocean.